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Razrblade Beauty

It's wonderful, wonderful here...

(*~.+.~ We are the Cutting Edge of Beauty ~.+.~*)
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This is a rating and vanity community for any and all dark, creative, unusual lovelies to play in. So step right up, naughty boys and girls, and come inside...we won't tell. But be warned, WE ARE ELITE! If we don't like you, we won't be shy about telling you to fuck off, so if you're one of the sensitive types, please leave now.

Layout image by SILVER EMBLEM.

The theme for stamped members pictures this week is "Favorite T-Shirts".

The community has changed hands a few times, so the current owners and mods did not pick the name, and we do not wish to be considered a rating community exclusively for cutters.

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[+] Rules [+]
1) This is an all-ages community, intellectual age is more important than physical age here.

2) NO NUDITY IF YOU'RE UNDER 18! Lingerie shots, though, are okay. We know you're hot, we just don't want to see your boobies. Please, if you're going to have risqué content in your post, place a warning in the cut so those wishing to avoid such things can do so. Also, for the over-18's wanting to do nudity, the rule is no form whatsoever of penetration. Artistic and pinup only, please.


4) No stealing photos!

5) All photos and applications must be posted behind an lj-cut (scroll down if you don't know how to do this to copy and paste the code).

6) You must title your application New Blood to prove you have read the rules.

7) DETAIL IS KEY. If you're not going to spend time on the application and give thoughtful answers, then don't even bother to apply, because you'll probably get rejected.

8) You must post at least 3 clear photos for us to judge you on, but more than 3 is definitely okay.

9) You can only promote communities with permission from the owner or one of the mods. If one of us has given you permission, please mention somewhere in the post who it was that gave you the okay, otherwise your post will be deleted.

10) New applicants will not be stamped until at least 10 people have voted. If you are rejected, you may try out again in one week with new photos. Some people may be rude or mean when voting on you, and by joining you acknowledge and accept this, but do NOT get an attitude back with any of the stamped members or your ass will be banned permanently. Also, you have three days to post your application once you join, or else you'll be kicked out.

11) Stamped members, be brutally honest, mean, whatever you have to do to keep the riffraff out of the community!

12) Absolutely NO text-only posts! Even if you only put one picture, it's at least something!

13) When voting either "yes" or "no" on a new applicant, go into detail! Tell them the positives and negatives of their application so that they have a little something to go on. People who excessively violate this rule will be kicked out of the community, to make room for members who will be more involved with what's going on.

14.) Anybody, stamped or newbie, who decides to start shit with the mods or the owner will be banned. We don't pick fights, but if you want to bitch, you'll get bitched at right back. Note that we may not ban you immediately, we may keep you around for our own amusement until we get tired of you.

15.) The owner reserves the right to auto-accept members on an arbitrary basis if she feels that the community judgements are being too superficial or unreasonable. Note that this will probably happen once every hundred applicants, so newbies, don't expect too much, and established members, don't bitch.

If you need help with lj-cuts and/or image posting, go here.

Just copy, paste, fill out


[+] The Owner [+]

auroraskye + dyscordic

[+] The Mods [+]


[+] Accepted [+]

[_] _ich_bin_sie_, __cherryxbomb, ___toujour ___wickedness, _stopthispain
[#] 17daysofrain
[A] akuma_kage, auroraskye
[B] blame01, bleedonyou, bleedxxblack, blue_ink_fiend, blurry_static
[C] candycovered, candy_says, _candycxnt, chaoticmorphine, chlamydia_kills, cildrudyathe, cyniadexsmiles
[D] deepbutterfly, dieplztks, dragons_blood88, dyscordic
[E] eatxmyxstars, elpblonde
[F] faeryhideout, fallenheart, fishbowlsoul, fjorgyn
[G] goddessofstars
[I] incantatious
[J] jewkunt, junienicole
[K] kittystds
[L] leperlustritual, liezzoz, linkinparkhxc, loveinjection
[M] moontrip, morbidanibal, morbid__goddess, mr_rauis, myprivatecoma, my_glass_tears
[N] narcotic_vomit, newvoguechild
[O] outsidethedisco
[P] perspexed, poisonedxcherry, p0pp3t, pop_up_squirrel
[Q] quacki
[R] razor_fatal, roadkillpuppies
[S] scarcandies, scissor_kill, bulgocrazyi, stekieleganz, suraktaarati
[T] tellme_liesx, thescarletgypsy, tobyspit
[U] uv_ragdoll
[V] vienna_star
[X] xauleen, x_jackoffjill_x, xbloodxpigsx

[+] Promote the community! [+]
Banners by cruelicious:

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Banner by morbid__goddess (who also designed our accepted/rejected stamps!):

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