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New Blood [Jun. 4th, 2006|01:02 am]
(*~.+.~ We are the Cutting Edge of Beauty ~.+.~*)



[+] Basics [+]
Name - Lauren, but friends call me Reeper.
Age - 16 years young.
Sexuality - Straight
Location - NJ
Body modifications - Not yet, had my ears but they closed up. Getting labret & belly button this summer, plus a tattoo if I can. If you want to know what I have in mind for tattoos-just ask.
Meaning of your LJ username - Lyrics from a Korn song. I <3 Korn!

[+] Likes and Dislikes [+]
Turn Ons - Beautiful eyes, guys in makeup, guys in skirts-not trashy skirt, kind of like kilts-I have my friend in mind, piercings, biting, dominating, intelligence
Turn Offs - Arrogance, bad breath, sloppy kissing, ''scene'' hair-only because they all seem to have the same hair style after a while T.T
Favourite bands - A7x-old stuff only, Adema, Cruxshadows, Godsmack, Korn, Manson, 10 Years, HIM, Rob Zombie--basically anything from soft rock to death metal, you can check out my myspace: www.myspace.com/bathing_in_your_blood for the full list.
Five least favourite bands - Evergreen terrace, From First to Last, Throwdown, Coldplay, and Preschool Teaparty.
The song you can't get enough of - haha I'm a dork, "Truly madly deeply"-savage garden, it calms me down >.<;
The song that is SO overplayed - Miss Murder-AFI.
Favourite movies - Battle Royale, Butterfly Effect, One Missed Call, Breakfast Club
Favourite colour - black and/or green
Favourite food - italian-specifically penne & vodka sauce
Favourite outfit - J-rock clothing/egl stuff. Lolita dress, with wide hole fishnets, and black bow in my hair. Don't have pics yet cause my camera is at my friend's house-very soon of those outfits though (:
Favourite activity - Writing lyrics, and/or chasing people [my friends] in the park and then pinning them and tickling them to death.

[+] Opinions On... [+]
Hot Topic - I really dislike people that scream out "poser" to people who shop there, yet they too shop there. I don't know-to me its not about the clothes, if you must use labels, its about how the person acts and lives their life. I do find it annoying when people go in there and are like "freaks shop here-its so scary-OMGD look at that guy's piercing" or something of the sort. Basically, I don't care if a person shops there-I get my makeup there sometimes-I'm not going to dislike a person because they shop at a certain store. Hot Topic has become a bit trendy, and its kind of annoying to see shirts about myspace, but still-its just a store.
Self-mutilation - I used to be a cutter; about a year ago I think. Now, looking back, there really was no reason for it. I know that things can get really difficult and life can seem so unfair sometimes, but there is nothing worth hurting yourself for. I know the theory "let physical pain distract emotional pain" but it really doesn't work. I told each and every one of my friends that if they ever were feeling really shitty about something; just to call me and never do anything stupid. Self-harm is stupid. I said I'd meet up with them as soon as I could and even if I just sat there in silence, I'd stay all night and just be there for them. I'd listen, I'd advise as best I could and I would keep them from hurting themselves. I love my friends & my family; and I would never want to get a phone call or be told that something bad happened to them, I especially wouldn't want to hear they did it to themselves. I already lost one friend to suicide-and when I found out I was outraged. Suicide is selfish. I don't care how bad you think your life is; as long as there is one person that still cares about you-and my friend had about 40-there were 200 at his funeral--suicide should never be an "option" or a "choice." Self-harm sometimes leads to suicide. If you know someone who is a cutter or does some form of selfharm, don't rat them out-help them as much as you could. Sometimes parents & therapy can't do shit; I know; but you have a duty (if you know) to do as much as you can, especially if that person is a friend of yours. If you do self harm, remind yourself that it won't heal anything, it won't make things better, and above all if you ever took it further-you'd be hurting someone that cared about you.
Ohh and touching on another part of this; some people do it for pleasure. At one time, that was my reason. I enjoyed self-mutilation, it wasn't out of sorrow or depression or anger, but out of fascination and I suppose blood lust. If it is for pleasure, it still isn't really good for a person obviously. Sometimes pleasure can be taken too far as well. I think self-mutilation is something a person is better to not experience, and I find it to be addicting so its better to stop while a person can.
Racism - I think its cruel and disrespectful. We're all human and therefore we should treat eachother equally and with respect. We shouldn't attack a certain race, or automatically dislike someone because of their race. What sickens me most is that some parents actually brainwash their children at young ages to hate certain races. As a caucasian, I am constantly being told I could never know what it feels like to be the victim of racism because I am not part of a minority. I know what its like to be disrespected, and maybe at not such a personal, extreme level-but I still know what kind of feelings it installs in a person. I don't understand why people would hate other people just because they are of another color. Thats like me saying "I hate everyone with dark hair" and then making rude remarks and always making people with dark hair feel uncomfortable-its just ridiculous and immature. People should be accepted for who they are; that include race, sexuality, and family background.
Censorship - I strongly oppose censorship. I understand the whole "Well little kids shouldn't be exposed to porn or vulgar language" thing; however a parent or anyone for that matter, must understand that at some point the child (even if as a teenager) will be exposed to porn if they really wish to. If we sugarcoat a child's life and only let them view what we feel "appropriate" than when they eventually do see or hear or whatever the case maybe this material, they will only be hit harder. [sorry if that was not so clear]. Outside of children and inappropriate material; I also think it was completely insane that the government was almost going to pass a law banning any music with obscene lyrics from being sold. Music is a form of art, and art is a form of self-expression. Everyone should be allowed to express themselves through art. If I go even further into this topic, I can talk about the censorship of our very thoughts and opinions. As an American citzen, I enjoy and take advantage of the freedom of speech. Everyone should be allowed to voice their opinions and get their ideas out there; how else could we ever advance? We couldn't. We'd get no where if we never generated new ideas and plans, or even thoughts. My point is; censorship is never going to be a good thing because it is only covering up something. It should be up to us, or maybe even our guardians, to decide what we see, listen, and give attention to.

Life - It is what you make it-not to sound cliche, but its true. I don't care how bad you have it to start off; if you pull together and work through it-you'll come out that much stronger and that much better. Although it may seem like we have years, life is limited-at any given moment it can be gone. Our own life, or those that we care about. We have to make the most of it and spend our time doing everything we feel is important. Everyday I try to accomplish something new, so if I were to die tomorrow-there would be at least a few minor things I did succeed at in my life. I am not sure why people fear death so much, I think that some people let death control their lives-if that makes sense. Like I said-just make the most with your time, and try to never have any regrets.
Drugs - I know they're never going to really help a person out, but its not my place to tell someone they have to quit or not do drugs. I try to watch out for my friends and keep them safe; I don't really approve of them doing weed or whatever they're trying-but I know if I try to stop it they'll just hate me and I won't even have a shot at protecting them. My thoughts: if you do drugs, just be careful...you don't want to end up hurting yourself or someone you care about.
Yourself - I am me & that really is all I want to be. My hair changes alot, I want body mods-I do whatever I wish to. Nobody influences me. My music, my style-its all my own tastes. I think I have alot of personality flaws: I'm impatient sometimes and I get angry easily, but I'm trying to work on those things. Overall, I feel I'm a good person and I just try to achieve my goals and be happy with everything I have.

[+] Miscellaneous [+]
Something you hold a strong opinion on and why - Gay marriage-I'm all for it. To put it simply-because I don't think there is any reason it should be banned and I'd like to hear one person say they could just shut down their feelings and stop loving someone because they're told "its wrong." Love is beautiful, no matter what the sexes of the people are.
Any kinks, fetishes, or lusts? - Biting fetish, a bit of a bondage freak, and a some what blood lust.
What label would YOU put on yourself? - ...eh...I hate labels...just an outcast really. In my town, I am one anyways. I don't fit in with any group-the people I'm friends with are all different. None of us like the same music, cept my bf, and we all have different styles-I like it; it helps me see the world from different view points.
Something that has had a great impact on your life - My friend's suicide. If you ever know this guy..Ron..you would say he was the most intelligent man, not even teen, you ever met. Believe me, this kid could have found a cure for AIDs or done something even bigger with his life. He moved to CA to "make it on his own" and well...a few months ago I found out he killed himself. My life had been going so crazy at that time, and I had thought every day one week "I wish I could talk to Ron-he'd clear my mind"-n then on Saturday, I found out he was gone-by his own hands. He was the one constant, the one person I believed would never fail me, in my life and he was gone. The impact it had? It made me realize how selfish and stupid suicide really is. Here is a guy with the biggest amount of potential in the entire world and he through his life away. 200 people were at his funeral-he was loved and cherished by so many fucking people and he just decided he didn't want to live anymore. Sorry if I'm sounding harsh, but its so hard to deal with this. His little brother, 6years old, was at his funeral-open casket-and he kept staring at Ron, saying "when is he going to wake up"-how can anyone leave all of that behind and just abandon all the people that care? It hurt me alot.
The one thing you fear the most - losing the people I love.
Your greatest role model, and why - It was Ron, right now I don't have one.
Something in your life that you'd use as a warning or an example for others in this lifestyle - Not really for my lifestyle, but just as a warning for life in general: Do what you can, and be who truly are-never put on a mask to appease anyone-love yourself and let other people love you for that reason. "Immitation is suicide."
What one thing do you want to accomplish in your life? - Raise a family and tell my child that there are no limits as to what they can achieve if they set their mind to it. My parents love telling me that my goals are too out of reach or I need to focus on a "real career"-instead of something I'd like to do for a living. If I had a child, I'd let him/her know nothing is more powerful that strong will and effort-and I'd support them with whatever they chose to do.
How did you hear about us? - Promo community
Why should we accept you? - If you like my personality, you should. If you don't-thats fine. You have to understand, I am not going to lecture you or write a paragraph on why I should be accepted-I'm hoping that you'll find me interesting or at least intelligent from what you read and decide on your own that I belong here.
Promote us somewhere on LJ and post the link - my userinfo http://bouquet-ofpills.livejournal.com/profile

[+] Photos (three or more) [+]
sorry if I don't smile in my pics...


[User Picture]From: moontrip
2006-06-04 07:49 am (UTC)


You have great opinions, music tastes and an open mind. You're also gorgeous, which means you're nice to look at :)
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[User Picture]From: bouquet_ofpills
2006-06-04 10:59 am (UTC)

thank you

Thank you for the vote, in both communities. And you are gorgeous as well!!! I love how colorful you are (=
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[User Picture]From: candy_says
2007-11-03 07:51 pm (UTC)
yes. i like your taste in music, & you seem smart & open minded. plus, you're *so* pretty!
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